"Four unforgettable days"

Visited July 2016

Cannot recommend this with higher praise! Amazing people onboard and the best food I've had ever! Thanks Valcano for filling my belly with the worlds best food experience! Could easily have stayed on for four more days!!

"Greatest Cruise Ever!!!"

Visited June 2016

We left Olympos and took a 30 min drive to Demre to board our yacht, on board we’re introduced to our Captain Yorkhan, Deck Hand Yusuf and the Cook Buardesh, we didn’t realise it at first but these guys made our trip that much better.
Once introductions were out of the way the anchor was pulled up and we started on our 4-day journey to Fethiye, we made numerous stops every day, each just as or more beautiful than the previous, rolling over the most incredibly crystal clear blue Mediterranean Ocean, the 360-degree view was of the spectacular southern Turkish coastline and surrounding islands, basically we had found paradise.
Everyone on board including the crew quickly became great friends and within hours the drinks started flowing and laughs broke out, the cruise was in full flight, each stop was met with clothes off and people flying off the deck into the amazingly flat, spectacular water below. Each night was better than the next as everyone became better friends.
This has been my first ever cruise so I don’t know if it’s common but the crew on the yacht were so engaging and honestly were part of the group the whole time, playing games, drinking (not as much but sharing a drink at least), sharing stories, playing pranks on each other. In my eyes they made the trip so much fun.
It’s amazing to think that in just 4 days all of us on board became very close, so much so that we all sat down to dinner after the trip was over and had a last night of fun and drinks, some of the group headed off together and continued their travels. 
We had booked the 8-day cruise and sadly were only informed when we arrived in Fethiye that we were changing boats and doing the exact same cruise but in reverse, having known this I most definitely would have only booked the 4-day cruise, but I spose there are worse ways of spending 4 days.

"Delivers a great experience"

Visited August 2016

We had a great day out and enjoyed the hospitality of the crew as they took us for a full day exploration of some beautiful local places to swim and snorkel 

It did help that we saw plenty of beautiful fishes and some turtles, but a memorable day and also some of the best food we've had all holiday!

"Paseo en Bote"

Visited July 2016

Una gran experiencia.. El personal muy amablre y servicial... formamos un grupo extraordinario... las condiciones de navegacion excelente.. el personal ayuda a que tu viaje y exploración sean maravilloso