About Kemer
Kemer, once a sleepy town, only accessible by boat is now one of Turkey's number one destinations to vacation. Located about 45 minutes south of Antalya on the Gulf of Antalya, Kemer is a lovely beach and resort at the base of the Taurus Mountain. It is also now the main destination where travellers will embark on a Kekova cruise.

The first thing that you notice about Kemer is it’s natural beauty – with its combination of beautiful clear seas, green forests and mountains all merging together it is little wonder that tourists have been flocking to this area.

A stretch of beach starts from Beldibi to Tekirova, dotted with sunshades and lounges. A 320 berth marina is located near the beach, with shops and restaurants selling everything from souvenirs to leather jackets.

Kemer was formerly a secluded coastal town, however, in the 1960's a road was built connecting the town to the outside world. In the 1980's the World Bank funded the development of great infrastructure aimed at creating a large tourist industry.

Close to Kemer itself are some remains of antique Idryos, a Byzantine church and a Seljuk Turkish hunting lodge. There are also many charming neighbouring villages and beaches.

Things to do in Kemer
Besides relaxing on the beach, exploring the many restaurants at the marina, and strolling around the shops there are many other things to do in Kemer.

You can get a glimpse of how the Turkish nomads lived at the Nomad Theme Park. Located just a short 15-minute walk from the Kemer town centre the Park is a reconstructed tent city which has props which add to the traditional setting, as well as chickens and ducks roaming the area. There are great views from the Park, and you can also stroll along the cliff edge. The edge is fenced for safety reasons, allowing tourists to glimpse views of the beautiful aqua blue coastline. In addition to strolling through the Park, you can also visit the quirky Turkish Restaurant, where you can enjoy a traditional meal on the carpet covered seating area, surrounded by old artefacts. there is a small entry fee is to the Nomad Theme Park.

Another ‘must-see’ in Kemer is the half-day trip to Mount Tahtahli, which stands at a height of 2365m, which is accessible by cable car known as the ‘Sea to Sky”. The cable car is a large modern cabin which takes about 10 minutes to reach the summit, giving you a chance to admire the views on your journey. The cable car ascends above cloud level and once at the top, the view overlooking Kemer and its surrounding seas and mountains is simply spectacular. There is also a café at the top, and if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can even join a tandem paragliding flights from the top of the mountain.

Restaurants in Kemer
The Casa La Luna is regarded as one of the best restaurant in Kemer. It offers international cuisine with great views of the town and sea. For traditional Turkish food, try Merhaba Garden Restaurant, located in the centre of Kemer.

Nightclubs and Bars in Kemer
There are a number of popular bars and nightclubs in Kemer, so if you love to party you should check out Aura nightclubs which is a two-floor nightclub with DJ’s playing all night. Other popular clubs are Inferno and Kristall nightclubs.

Around Kemer
Kemer is a good base to see sites including Goynuk Canyon, Ulupinar, Olympos, Chimera, Phaselis, Three Islands and Eco Park. If travelling on further north or south of Kemer, be sure to pay a visit to Fethiye, Antalya or even Marmaris