Sirtlanini Cave
Sirtlanini  Cave

Out of the Mediterranean coast moving inland and leaving the seaside resort of Kemer will lead you to a natural wonder. If you are looking for a change of pace and doing some more adventurous exploring come to Sirtlanini Cave. It is about a 25-minute walk from the Narligedik Village and also close to the mystical ruins of Aphrodisias. This is also a great option on a hot day to cool off in the shade and protection of a cave. Sirtlanini Cave is 348 metres long, mostly horizontal and dry. The cave has a very narrow mouth but after the first 5 metres, the main cave opening is reached. There are about 6 different chambers that are formed by stalactite, stalagmite and pillars. Some of these rock formations have even formed walls. The temperature inside the cave is around 17 degrees Celsius while humidity of just over 80 per cent. One can easily walk through the inside of the cave and take spectacular pictures of these ancient stalagmites and stalactites.

Once you have visited the full length of this cave and are looking for other intriguing cave experiences, many travellers make their way to the Beldibi Caves, Dim Cave and Kocain Cave.