Fethiye - Bodrum - Fethiye
Fethiye - Bodrum - Fethiye
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Fethiye to Aga Limani

Welcome on board in Fethiye! You will depart Fethiye harbour heading to Red Island, Kizil Ada in Turkish. The name was gained for its stunning red sand, here you will stop for your first time to swim in the crystal-clear water of the Turquoise Coast. Following Red Island, you will sail round to Aga Limani. This Quiet bay is going to be the first night's stop, here you will enjoy your evening meal and will fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.


Ag Limani to Bozburun Peninsula

The second day of your cruise begins with departure from Ag Limani, from here you will sail to Serce Bay. Serce bay, sitting at the base of the Kasara Ancient City which looks out at the bay and offers a stunning view of the vista. This location is filled with history, the ruins of Kasara are perfect to explore, for those who prefer the water the bay also has six shipwrecks. Seven ships originated beneath the ocean surface however one was moved to Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archaeology. From this history-filled location, you will cruise to Bozburun Island where you will anchor at a small fishing village for another peaceful night.


Bozburun Peninsula to Bencik

Today you will depart the fishing village at Bozburun island towards the bay of Selimiye where you will be able to swim in the waters of a protected bay that is home to another fishing village. The crystal clear waters will be a perfect way to stay cool, and offer and fantastic chance to snorkel and experience what the Mediterranean has to show hidden beneath the surface of the water. Tonight you will stay at the inland fjord of Bencik, this beautiful location offers a perfect mix of ocean relaxation and mountain views.


Bencik to Inceburun Bay

Your morning begins with a relaxing sail to the harbour town of Datca. Here you can disembark your cruise to enjoy your free time exploring this traditional town. Datca’s brightly coloured buildings and narrow streets are a great way to spend free time, weaving through and finding hidden gems. Here you can try traditional meals and enjoy a glass of Turkish Tea. After your free time in Datca has come to an end you will depart for Inceburun Bay where the cruise will anchor for the night.


Inceburun Bay to Mersincik

Today you will begin with a gentle cruise to the ancient city of Cnidus. This ancient city offers an unusual look into the layout of ancient coastal towns, however, Cnidus was unique that is built on both shorelines and on an island opposite. This city was part of a six-city collection called the Dorian Federation and included both coastal and inland cities. Built-in the fourth century it now lies in ruins however the remains of Apollo’s Temple and Acropolis show the vastness of the Greek city builds. After Cnidus, you will spend the night at Mersincik Island, where you will relax under the uninterrupted stars.


Mersincik to Yedi Adalar

Today you will travel from the peaceful Mersincik island to Yedi Adalar. Yedi Adalar, or Seven islands, is a collection of islands that you will travel between stopping to swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean. You will begin with Bordubet Harbour, here you can explore a traditional harbour village before travelling to the islands. These islands are perfect for snorkelling and viewing the natural undisturbed wildlife, which can include sea turtles, schools of fish, and occasionally dolphins playfully swimming in these deep waters. The Seven islands are you will anchor for the night offering a stunning location to watch the sunset on the water between the islands.


Yedi Adalar to Camli Cove

Today you will continue your cruise of the coast. Departing Yedi Adalar you will travel to Degirmen Buku. This section of the coast is full of stunning Coves and a major inlet of the Gokova Gulf. As you enjoy the scenery you will come to Kargili cove. During the day you will stop at some of the best locations to enjoy swimming and relaxation time. Camli cove will be your final stop of the day where you will spend your night.


Camli Cove to Bodrum

Your day will begin with a departure from Camli cove. Your cruise will take you to Orak Island, where you will stop for swimming and other water activities. This island has become famous on the coast for its untouched marine life, the crystal clear waters allow you to see a wide variety even from the boat. After a day of relaxing at Orak Island, you will head to Bodrum. This harbour town will be your stop for the night, allowing for you and the other passenger to disembark and explore the variety of entertainments available. Visit Bodrum castle for a look at the town's history, or head to the shops to pick up gifts and souvenirs. When the evening and night come round Bodrum's famous nightlife will awaken, so why not dance the night away before the relaxing sleep on the water.


Bodrum to Palamutbuku Island

Today you will depart the town of Bodrum. You will head back to the ancient city of Cnidus, which will give you a chance to swim and see any of the ancient items that have been left on the ocean floor. From here you will head to Palamutbuku Island. On route, you will pass one of the longest beaches on the peninsula. You will harbour at the small town for the night giving you the option of staying on board to visiting the local places.

DAY 10

Palamutbuku Island to Bozukkale Bay

You depart from the small town near Palamutbuku. Today you begin by travelling to Dirsekbuku, a long inlet that goes to Kemeriye island. This peaceful destination also has superb panoramic vistas. As the evening sets in you will stay at Bozukkale Bay. This natural harbour that was used in history by the city of Loryma, imposing walls still stand to show where they would have defended the city if needed. This harbour is where you will spend the night.

DAY 11

Bozukkale Bay to Cennet Island

Today you will sail from Bozukkale. Today you will visit Kadirga, here you can spend time relaxing or taking a swim in the stunning water. Following Kadirga you will sail to Cennet island, which is perfectly named as Paradise Island. Views of the forested peninsula and the perfect view of the Mediterranean ocean really make this island seem like paradise. You will spend the night right here in ‘paradise’.

DAY 12

Cennet Island to Ekincik

Departing Cennet Island in the morning. Sailing to Ekincik, where you will be able to enjoy a choice of two excursions. Either visit the ancient city of Kaunos where you can view ancient Rock tombs of the Lycian people, as well as remains of theatres and temples. An alternative option is to take a riverboat to the Dalyan mud baths and the Loggerhead Turtle beach.

DAY 13

Ekincik to Hamam Bay

Departing Ekincik you will continue sailing the Gulf of Fethiye. Today you will stop at Hamam Bay. Here you will find Cleopatra’s bath. These remains were once a famous bathhouse that was built by Marcus Antonius as a wedding gift to Cleopatra after their marriage. The waters here were said to be rejuvenating which led to Cleopatra to visit here at least twice. You will spend the night here as royalty of two nations once did.

DAY 14

Hamam Bay to Turunc Pinari

Today you will depart Cleopatra’s bath. You will sail to an ancient harbour and building location, Tersane Island, which means Dockyard Island. This old dock was the site of wooden boats being built, here you can explore and see what parts survived the test of time. Your final night will be at Turunc Pinari is a quiet bay a short distance from Fethiye.

DAY 15

Turunc Pinari to Fethiye

Today you will depart for Fethiye early morning. After breakfast, you will say final farewells to your crew and say goodbye to your new friends who were your fellow passengers at 9.00 am Itineraries are subject to local weather conditions and may, for reasons of boat and passengers safety or passengers satisfaction, be changed by the captain at short notice, whose decision in such matter is final.


Tersane 8

Yacht Class: Luxury
Cabins: 14
Length: 44m
Capacity: 28
€ 2570 per day

Seaborn Legend

Yacht Class: Classic
Cabins: 8
Length: 27m
Capacity: 16
€ 845 per day


Yacht Class: Luxury
Cabins: 6
Length: 26m
Capacity: 12
€ 1250 per day