One of the favorite places for the local population of Istanbul is Yoros Castle. They really love this place because the view of the Bosporus from here is truly priceless. Anyone who comes here and would like to explore the city a bit, should at least once visit the area around the Yoros and enjoy all the beauty which there can be experienced.

Yoros Castle, or at least what's left of it, is situated on the Green Hill. The view from the hill is truly fascinating, because from this place is possible to see how the Black Sea meets the Marmara Sea. Although you will never know exactly where the boundaries between these two seas are, you will enjoy the thought you are a witness of the enormous blue expanse that is going to merge. Except that here one can enjoy the view of the Bosporus, there is also a look at the Joshua's Hill, still one of the very beautiful and interesting sites to visit.

Although it is no longer a time of war and military campaigns, part of Green Hill, where there is Yoros Castle today is a military area and that part is not open to the public. However, the part of the hill that is accessible to tourists is a real hit for enjoyment in a restaurant with quality food and afternoon coffee.

Visits to Yoros Castle will be a wonderful experience for all those who enjoy the natural beauty. Furthermore, even a short visit to Istanbul can be very rich in content if you visit Topkapi Palace or another palace like Yildiz or Kucuksu. Every palace will bring you the beauty of the times in which each of them was built.