Yesil Uzumlu
Yesil Uzumlu

Mountain villages in Turkey are extremely beautiful in the summer. One of them is the Yesil Uzumlu and it is in Fethiye province, just 20 kilometres from this wonderful city that has successfully resisted the influences of different cultures over time.

Yesil Uzumlu in translation means Green Grapes. This village is part of a valley that belonged to the Lycian nation and it is in the vicinity of the Cadianda, another attraction where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Turkey. Tourists who choose to stay right here during their vacation will have the entire region in your palm because Yesil Uzumlu is in the centre of Fethiye district. This is how one will be able to enjoy a fascinating tour of the other nearby places.

What differs Yesil Uzumlu from the other villages is the Uzumlu Mushroom Festival, which is held every year in April. This festival is a trademark of the village and many lovers of Morels come right here to enjoy the mushrooms that are made according to traditional Turkish recipes. Surrounding forests are rich in unique types of Morels and all those who have the opportunity to be at this time in this region, should not miss to afford the participation in the festival and enjoy all the temptations that this event is offered in the form of food and drink. Here is a paradise for wine lovers. This is not the place for tasters, but for those who like to drink and enjoy all the charms of life.

Some surrounding cities of Turkey, which experts can certainly recommend to those who reside in this area are fantastic sandy Calis Beach, then the old town of Fethiye Paspatur, as well as a tour of Gocek port, which is actually a place consisted of a different Marinas.