In the Mugla district, there are places, such as Yalikavak, which due to their position within the Bodrum Peninsula retained original beauty. Yalikavak was once a major fishing port in this area, and now is a quiet tourist place where to hide from other people's views and enjoy a deserved holiday.

Yalikavak is not a small town, on the contrary, is really a decent size place that could be a real tourist attraction. Its modern Marina will make you think that you are in a place where tourism is actually developed. Furthermore, you will think that this city could fully replace Bodrum. But, after some time you will conclude that this place is still in development and will each year get on its beauty and power.

Its artistic side is something that really attracts people. Scores of Art Galleries will make your vacation truly full of content. Art Walks and Craft Stalls are only part of what Yalikavak has to show its visitors. The whole place exudes elegance and along the street, you will find many shops where you can buy all sorts of things and complement your tourist collection. The most famous beach here is Play Cadd where it is possible to enjoy all day in the hot sand and sunlight that gently caress you. Yet, if you want to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere, there has always been a chance to escape somewhere up in the hills and spend unforgettable moments next to the hidden caves.

As long as you are interested in enjoying Yalikavak and the view of the beautiful Yachts in Marina, stay at the beautiful beach. Once you get the desire to stroll the paths that lead through some other places, you can change the environment. The next destination of your journey may be Golturkbuku, Gumusluk and Gundogan. Choose the one that attracts you the most and go to your special day trip.