About Xerokampos
All in shades of blue and green, sitting on the southernmost part of the island Leros, lies the small seaside village known as Xerokampos. Part of the Dodecanese Island group in Greece, the village of Xerokampos possesses its own port, beach and gulf. The population in this village is just over 1,100 people, making it a scenic sleepy village. Its wide bay is well protected from the wind, one of the reasons why it used to be a port. Nowadays, its shallow sea and harbour are home for fishing boats.

Things to do in Xerokampos
The village is small and cosy. Not too touristy, either. It is a calm place to relax and escape any sense of rush you may have in life. Enjoy the views from the boat, from the rolling hills or from the sandy beach. The facilities here are not the most updated, but the rustic feel is a hidden treasure among the Dodecanese Islands. Accommodations and taverns are available by the beach area, whether your plan is to spend the day or the night here. Try the ‘bourekia’, a soft cheese and bacon filo pastry or any fresh catch from the sea at one of the restaurants in the village. One of the best things about Xerokampos is that aside from the hotels, there is also a large camping ground named Camping Leros. The grounds are set in a 400-year-old olive grove with a small café and evening barbecues. One can pick a spot close enough to the beach and go off snorkelling or diving in the quiet sea from the convenience of their own tent. If there is time to spare, take advantage of the open area and go hiking around the area of the settlement. As for monuments or history for this sea village, there are a few points of interest. Located on the cliffs by the coast, there is a small church. Called Panagis Kavuradena (Mary of the Crabs) which is considered the most beautiful of Leros Island. There are also the ruins of the ancient castle of Palaiokastro, also worth a visit. For those more adventurous who wish to enjoy a view from the top, at Xerokampos you can see the mesmerising views of the mountains of Kalymnos.

How to get to Xerokampos
There are daily connection boats to Leros from Kalymnos. There is also a ferry service from Myrties to Xerokampos. Other Grecian islands of interest within the area are Lipsi Island just northbound from Leros and the sacred island of Patmos.