Weeping rock waterfall
Weeping rock waterfall

There are many attractive places near Denizli which make this area very favourable both for the holidays and for the time out of season. There are many interesting things one can see and tourists pay special attention to Weeping rock waterfall. Its distance is about 25 km from Pamukkale.

This waterfall is known by different names because thanks to its distinctive appearance, it was the inspiration for various pseudonyms. Weeping Rock waterfall many people also call Crying Rock, while the Turkish name for this tourist attraction is Ağlayan Kaya Şelalesi. Some call it the Sakizcilar Waterfall. The reason is a waterfall is in Sakizcilar village, which is near the town of Cal.

Weeping Rock waterfall is a natural sign of beauty that nature has formed without human influence, and as such represents a real treasure of this area. The height of the waterfall is a bit more than 30 meters, so it falls down from a high point. In the surrounding part, one can see the beautiful countryside that makes the magical image of a waterfall. At the bottom of the water you can see several species of fish that live here, and they make possible enjoying a nearby restaurant with a very tasty meal. The district to which the waterfall belongs, Hocanin Yeri, is very popular for organizing picnics and day trips.

Looking over this natural beauty is an extraordinary experience, while the sound of water falling from a great height soothes man and has a beneficial effect on mood. Although this is a fantastic experience for all people coming here for relaxation, there are many other places you will really love after the visit. If you liked the environment and the feeling that Weeping rock waterfall expresses, you can continue with a tour of similar destinations and head for the Guney Waterfall. Fans of caves can spend a wonderful day beside Kaklik Cave, while those who want to enjoy the healing effects of thermal water can go on a tour of Saraykoy thermal springs.