Turgutreis is a famous Turkish resort located about 20 km away from Bodrum. This is the second largest city in Bodrum Peninsula and Mugla district. It was named after the famous Ottoman military leader Turgut Reis, who keeps an important place in all books that are speaking about Turkish history. In the center of Turgutreis people will be able to see the statue, to admire its grandeur and after that make a  picture next to this famous admiral.

If you decide to spend most of your vacation here, be sure that you will not be bored. What can you enjoy every day while staying in Turgutreis is a beautiful beach and a large bay. Every day your eyes will move in direction to the beautiful Marina, which attracts tourists a lot. Year after year, this place is growing and developing, so are the facilities offered to the growing number of visitors. You will enjoy bars and restaurants that are accommodated in the center of the city, while those who like daily activities more, will be able to spend hours in shopping thanks to Bazar with the most diverse things on offer.

Turgutreis visitors enjoy the beautiful beaches, but this bay mostly attracts attention of professional wind surfers. The winds here are really good and the climate is fantastic. In the vicinity there is a volcanic area that is interesting for the tour. Turgutreis is really special and it is a substitute for Bodrum, if you like urban areas. This city, with a rich history and many stories that you can hear from the locals, will surprise you with its beauty and ornamental.

When you have the feeling that you sufficiently explored this interesting place, make yourself extra pleasure and go to visit some nearby village. The right choice can be Akyarlar, Gumusluk or Aspat. These places may not be as large as Turgutreis, but certainly have a lot to show tourists for their pleasant stay.