At only thirty kilometres from Canakkale there is an ancient city of Troy, a city of which history wrote many pages, Homer wrote a poem and a modern world told the beautiful story on the big screen.

The exact location of Troy is Hisarlik and right here are the remains of the ancient city. Here you can hear interesting stories of Hector and Achilles from experienced guides. You can hear about the beauty of Helene that quarrelled the rulers of the two nations, but also of many other heroes who are an essential part of the historical story. Right here you will see the authentic model of the Trojan horse, used during the shooting of the film and who made the war come to an end.

Once you find a place that has a long history of over 4,000 years, you will feel the power of all past centuries how they are passing through your mind and the whole history lies beneath your feet, on the ruins with thousands of secrets in the remains of their walls.

Here in this place is a multitude of interwoven civilizations. The ancient Greeks, ancient Romans and powerful Ottoman emperors alternated in this area and enjoyed the benefits of the site. Archaeological sites in this Anatolian area are of great importance for researchers. Prehistoric settlements and graves are the source of inspiration for many archaeologists.

On the tour through the city of Troy, one will be able to hear the story of the Battle of Gallipoli. Yet, it is much nicer to see Gallipoli itself because that is the only way you can imagine how everything happened here in ancient times. When you get tired of walking through the ruins of great historical importance, it's time to get some rest and relax. The right solution is to visit some nearby islands and enjoy swimming and beautiful beaches. You may go to Gokceada Island, which is one of the largest islands in this area. Or, you can enjoy on Bozcaada Island, which is nearby but will afford you a completely different kind of satisfaction from visiting historical landmarks.