If you want to visit some of the most famous cities belonging to Bodrum Peninsula, many who have already visited this area will sincerely recommend visiting Torba. This charming Turkish resort and well-known holiday destination is a place where a big number of both foreign and Turkish tourists gladly spend their time. As it is only 6 km from the center of Bodrum, Torba is the perfect place to relax and from which one can easily escape in the evenings to the urban center.

Nature lovers will enjoy the view of the rows of olive trees. Many plants embellish every morning in this small town, as pleasant smells pervade every inch of territory. Everywhere you can feel relaxed atmosphere and a sense of hospitality because the people who live here like to give a sense of belonging and comfort to all guests.

Admirers of cultural heritage and eager researchers who enjoy tours of historical sites will be delighted with the ruins on a hill that extends above the village. Historical roots of the city extend into the distant past, even to Leleg era. Regardless of the long time that has passed since then, we still can see the remains of Lelegian tomb. This ancient monument is the ideal place for daily walks and some photos of your memories collection.

When you get bored with relaxing next to the Fishing Boat Harbour and swimming in the beautiful warm water, you can always go to some tours that are organized from the early morning hours. Your choice for the tour can be Golturkbuku, Gundogan or Bitez, but you should definitely try to visit at least some of them.