One of the most beautiful and oldest cities that had once been part of the Lycian nation is Tlos. It is at 35 kilometres from Fethiye and is a historical intersection of even four generations that have alternated in this area. It exists since 2000 BC and has a very rich history. Tlos represents the home of Pegasus, so it is a really good idea to go to this beautiful city for a day. Pegasus is a beautiful horse with wings about which people made many stories and he is a favourite not only among children but also among adults. Legend of Belleforontesu is still very alive in this place and it's nice to hear stories from local people and experienced guides.

This town is at the foot of the mountain, in the valley of Xanthos. If you climb a little up the hill, you will be able to see the river Esen and beautiful landscapes around. Civilizations have left their mark, each in the different city level. Above Tlos is an Ottoman fortress of Bloody Ali. On the slopes of the hill, there are symbols of Lycian arts, while the Roman Empire left the greatest hallmark in the valley. Agora is one of them. In addition, the characteristic is a Roman amphitheatre that attracts the attention of all those who come to visit this ancient city. In this amphitheatre, around 20,000 people can sit together. Although it is in the valley, its sides are housed on the slopes and in this way the theatre established an excellent order between all those who came here to watch the show, so in this way, they could see a complete performance. Also, here one can see many ruins from the period of Roman rule, Roman baths and other interesting things.

Your journey can elevate if you decide to spend a little time going to some other ancient cities, such as Letoon Ancient City, *Pinara Ancient City or Xanthos Ancient City.