Tiled Pavilion
Tiled Pavilion

Place in Istanbul you should definitely visit has a name Tile Pavilion. This house is in Turkish called Çinili Kö?k and its location is in Eminonu district.

Tiled Pavilion is a building of fantastic beauty and it was built in 1472. Its construction was ordered by Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror, and its original purpose was to serve as a podium where he was supposed to enjoy while watching different sport activities at the time of his leisure. Today, the Tiled Pavilion is in fact a museum where you can see various pieces of ceramics from the period of the Ottoman Empire. Most of the items come from the collection that was transferred here from Topkapi Palace. Here we can also see items from the time of Selcuk. There are many important items which have great artistic value and their age is almost a thousand years.

In today's era Tiled Pavilion is not a building that stands alone and independently, but is part of the Archaeological Museum. The reason is its proximity to the Archaeological Museum, so his room just merged with others now and they form an integral part. Something that one can see right here in this place are tiles that have vivid colors and are made with a special technique, so their color comes from the specific glaze. Also, you can see fantastic examples made by the most famous Turkish calligraphers, and specific parts of the Koran that are right here exposed.

Another one among pavilions, which is available to tourists is Aynalikavak Pavilion, and this may be one of your next destinations in Istanbul. If you are a fan of castles and fortresses, then you definitely need to make a journey to mountainous regions, and enjoy the sights of nature and Yoros Castle. In addition to everything that is stated, a fantastic place for relaxation can be a beautiful Yildiz Palace, where you can enjoy and explore a bit of the past and the history of Turkey.