The Canakkale Museum
The Canakkale Museum

Once you stop in Canakkale, do not miss visiting Canakkale Museum, which is probably the most interesting historical landmark in this area. Your visit to this cultural heritage can be turned into a real tourist adventure if you're a fan of ancient relics and old historical objects, which speak for themselves and give a much clearer message than a thousand words.

The museum was originally on the site of an old church and it has united the relics found on both sides of the Dardanelles Strait. The year of foundation was far 1936, while the new building at Ataturk Caddesi was built in 1984 and then Museum moved to the Museum sumptuous and more comfortable place. All that history has left as a legacy from historical events, has been there for the insight to all who want to learn something more about Turkey's past.

Canakkale Museum is divided into five exhibition halls, so that you may need more time to complete the tour. Halls are thematically divided and in each part, there is exactly certain specific content. In the first hall, you can see the layers with clearly visible areas and territories that belonged to the ancient city of Troy, as well as a collection of ceramic works from the period from the 17th century. The second hall will allow you to enjoy the works of art and pieces of the mentioned ancient city. Various fossils and specimens of various items are set precisely in this area. As far as you to the third hall, the elderly will be the relics exposed. Items from the Hellenism’s era and even from the time before the seventh century BC are available right here for sightseeing. The fourth part of this historic part will enchant you with Dardanos tumulus. It is placed on the hill where the family tomb was for centuries. Knidos Aphrodite is a sculpture that stands out from most pieces in this part. In the last part, one can see examples of art from Assos and Gulinara, as well as glassware and ancient coins.

There are many beautiful things that will attract your attention during the sightseeing, but leave some time to visit the Canakkale Military Museum, magnificent Bozcaada island or fantastic Gallipolli.