There are not many tourists these days who come unprepared to travel, so the majority of those who come to Fethiye know that the area of the city used to be an ancient Telomessos. This city was concentrated around the harbour, similar like now. It was protected by the hills from the winds and at any time this was a perfect haven for ships which sail the Aegean Sea.

Over the years Fethiye has changed its name four times, and Telmessos was the first one. After that, from the VIII century the city got another name and that was Anastasiopolis. After Anastasiopolis, new name for this fabulous place was Macros, and then only at the end it becomes Fethiye. This port is extremely interesting to tourists who like to go on daily boat trips or a several-day cruise because right here is the starting point of all ships. It is not at all strange, because throughout history, this area counted for most important city even for ancient Lycians.

Telmessos in translation means The Land of Lights, and symbolizes the birth of Apollo's son Telmessos, who was born out of his great love for the daughter of King Phoenix, a beautiful princess who did not want to accept his love, until finally he became a little dog and won her heart. Rich cultural heritage and historical values Fethiye of the city were handed down through the centuries, during the life of many nations, from generation to generation as a traditional insignia.

Although Telmessos is a very beautiful city and has high ancient value, there is another of the ancient cities that tourists like in this area. That is an ancient city Letoon Ancient City. In addition to this city, the attention of visitors should be on other ancient cities like Xanthos and Pinara, because each of them has a different story.