Sidyma Ancient City
Not too far from the city of Kalkan lies the charming ancient city of Sidyma. The city is fascinating not only for its ruins but also for the fact that a pretty village of Dodurga has been built among the remains. Repurposing the pillars and other ancient construction parts in the villagers’ houses and other structures. The city has an air that it is intact, a great opportunity to experience a Lycian site as it might have been if you were the first European explorers. There is evidence that Sidyma was one of the member cities of the Lycian League and that during the Roman period the city was taken care by Marcus Aurelius, who bestowed the city with a golden period.

The main ruins of the city the numerous Lycian tombs, a Roman bath, stoa, temple and a church. North of Sidyma there is an acropolis on the hilltop with tombs scattered about. While to the southwestern side of the site there is an immense tomb, decorated with bas-relief and with ancient inscriptions. One interesting thing to do while at Sidyma if you have the time and the gear is to camp there and watch the sunset or the sunrise from the top of the hills.

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