Serce Bay
Serce Bay

Those who choose to spend a vacation in Bodrum, or the surrounding area, will have many more in the vicinity that is very interesting for sightseeing. Mugla district is one of the most beautiful areas of ??the Turkish coast and really deserves exceptional attention.

One small, but still so beautiful and attractive place is Serce Bay. Since there are ships that move from here and those which sail into the small port, Serce Bay has a special place in the stories of local residents. This place is known as an area where was the oldest shipwrecks in the world. There is a story that still divers sometimes find something what is left after a shipwreck. However, most of the debris is drawn from the sea and transferred to the Bodrum Underwater Museum, to testify about what happened in ancient times.

There are many who took a shelter here from the storms and sought refuge in rainy days and stormy nights. The Serce Bay stands for a bay where 5 large shipwrecks happened and that's what makes it really different. The ship, which first in the series finished in the bottom of the sea was 16 meters long and according to available data the deluge occurred in 1025. Because the largest part of the cargo that the ship was carrying seemed to be a glass cullet, therefore some small glasses still can be found if you look a bit better in the sand at the bottom of the sea. Besides this bay is known of these events from the past, it is the perfect place for a day trip, or perhaps even the entire holiday. Its crystal clear waters attract tourists to set off into the deep-sea and enjoy throughout the day.

In the vicinity of Bodrum there are still many beautiful places and one of them is the Meteor Bay. Lovers of the sea and hidden beauty can go to the Aktur Bay. Another interesting bay, which is worth visiting is Poyraz Bay. Of course, these are just some places where you will enjoy because the Mugla district has many unexplored and beautiful sights.