Saraykoy Spa
Saraykoy Spa

One of the main features and benefits of Denizli district is a wealth of thermal waters. Many spring thermals are near Saraykoy Village, so visitors can use this area as one rich with different places for rest, health treatment and relaxation. Saraykoy Spa represents the sum of the different sources, and each of them is special and different, specific in its own way.

If you feel pain in your bones and have problems with the skin, you should go to Tekkekoy thermal spring. This thermal spring is located 20 kilometres from Saraykoy and is close to Tekke Village. By coming here you will notice several springs. One source was flowing into the bathroom where the tourists can enjoy in the pool with thermal water. Dressing rooms are available in this area. In addition to its beneficial effects on rheumatism, Tekkekoy will improve the beauty of your skin. But, this hot spring is also good for treating gynaecological problems, and urethra. At the very source of the water in Tekkekoy thermal, the temperature reaches even 80°C.

At only 3 kilometres from Tekkekoy thermal spring, there is another spring called Babacik Thermal. This source belongs to Kaabaagac Village. On some 11 kilometres from Saraykoy is Kizilderre Hot Spring, which comes out from red colour stones. Tourists will be able to enjoy the pool which has dressing rooms, but they will also be able to experience all the beauty of the Turkish Hammam. The Turkish bath in Kizildere is round and actually two extremely beautiful baths side by side. This place is known to easily remove fatigue and rheumatism.

Denizli is rich in natural beauty and a tour of the hot springs is only one part of what you can enjoy. A fantastic destination for a day trip is Guney Waterfall where you can rest until the next adventure. After that, you can spend the day touring the ancient city of Hierapolis. Continue your exploring and enjoy the beauty of Weeping Rock Waterfall.