Rabbit Cape
Rabbit Cape

Rabbit Cape is an area that belongs to Bodrum and Mugla district. It enjoys great popularity. People from abroad know this area as Rabbit Island, a completely separate unique island to which you can most easily get to in the morning when you go on Daily Boat Tour. In addition, if you want something different from the daily excursions, take a hike and pass the distance between the island and Gumusluk walking through the sea. Don’t worry about the waves, the water for most of the steps only comes up to your knees.

While strolling through the sea on the way to Cape Rabbit, look good in the water and you will see historic remnants and relics associated with the story of the ancient Mousolos, King of Halicarnassos. According to an old story, he made a causeway from Gumusluk to Rabbit Cape, so that he could easily cross the island along with Artemisia, his love. The two of them went to the island to feed the rabbits and enjoy the moments together, away from prying eyes.

On Rabbit Island, you'll notice an abundance of natural beauty. This place was declared a national park and a lot of effort is entering its preservation and protection. You can enjoy walking around the island and climb to the top of the island to enjoy an amazing view if you have enough strength.

Although you can spend some time here, Rabbit Cape is still a small place and does not have enough potential to offer attractive facilities for a longer holiday. Going back to Gumusluk and its beautiful beaches won’t be hard, but also Turgutreis and Bitez can awaken your attention during the visit.