Patara Ancient Cİty
Patara Ancient Cİty

Patara Ancient City
Should you be cruising down the Turkish Rivera and coming from Kalkan you might choose to settle for some time on firm land and visit the historical city of Patara. There is lore that Apollo’s son, Patarus founded the city. There is a natural harbour with a great chilled out beach to relax upon while the city is just a short stroll away. Patara was one of the six main cities of ancient Lycia and its wealth came from trading.

The city is both impressive and fascinating; it was once buried under the sand that has been subject to careful excavation since 1988 and to find that the ruins are very well preserved. Perhaps it was the windblown sand that helped preserve it. The treasures that came from dusting the sand off include Roman Era bronze statues of Hermes, a large head bust from the Byzantine Era and the fine details of the masonry of the buildings in Patara. There is also the vaulted entrances to the parliament building and the remains of what could be the world’s oldest lighthouse are also evidence of the glory that this city beheld.

Other ancient cities that have made their mark during the Lycian era are Antiphellos Ancient City, Letoon Ancient City and Xanthos Ancient City.