Ortakoy Mosque
Ortakoy Mosque

If during your visit to Istanbul you want to see the buildings in the Baroque style, the best solution is probably to go on a tour of Ortakoy Mosque. This mosque is located almost on the Bosphorus, and the Besiktas District, and in the square called Ortakoy pier. Therefore, the feeling during your visit will be different and more complete because the environment creates a special atmosphere.

This fantastic mosque result is a work of art, made by a master architect Nigogos Balyan. The mosque was completed in 1853. This architect is known more for the fact that he worked on the construction of Dolbabahce Palace. People also know Ortakoy Mosque by the name the Great Mecidiye Mosque. The residents of Istanbul who belong to the part of the city on the European side very emotionally connected to this religious achievement.

Ortakoy mosque has two minarets. Each of the minarets has one balcony. At the mosque was set only one dome whose walls have a decoration of stones that contain pink colour and they make a real mosaic. The rest of the walls have a decoration of white stones. Also, there are a lot of parts where you can see marble and many other materials that are of superior quality. The mosque itself contains Harim and Hunkar Kasri, which in fact represents a kind of a sultan's summer palace. The mosque attracts with its beauty, and thanks to an attractive position in one of the main squares in Istanbul, it is visited by both believers and curious tourists who admire it as a real masterpiece.

A multitude of styles interwoven in figures of mosques dating from different periods. Each mosque is reminiscent of a small town, which is always a similar achievement by its characteristics, and yet so different and special. Some very beautiful mosques are Rustem Pasha Mosque, then a Sultan Ahmet Mosque, and Suleymaniye Mosque where Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and his married wife Hurrem Sultana were buried.