This volcanic Greek Island is located in the Dodecanese Islands of the Aegean Sea. It is situated between Kos and Tilos. The island can also be reached by ferry from Piraeus, Kos and Rhodes. This island remains relatively untouched by mass tourism, which makes it a great beauty to visit.

According to mythology, it was created during the war between Gods and Giants. The god of the sea, Poseidon chased the Giant Polyvotis all the way to Kos, cut a part of it and threw it to his enemy, sinking him forever in the bottom of the Aegean Sea. It is then said that the volcano’s explosions are the angry breaths of the defeated Giant.

The island was constructed in the past 150,000 years because of volcanic eruptions, which explains why the majority of the coastline is pebbled and rocky beaches. The island has many beautiful Orthodox Christian churches and a large medieval castle built by Knights Hospitaller who conquered the island in 1315. In the ancient times, the island thrived on obsidian commerce as their main trade commodity from the nearby island, Gyali.

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