Myra Ancient Cİty
Myra Ancient Cİty

Myra Ancient City
Located about 1.5 kilometres away from Demre the ancient city of Myra was one of the most important cities in ancient Lycia. It has the glorious Oracle Temple of Apollo, where the seers would predict the future by observing the appetite of sacred fishes but also it’s trade port of Andriake. Myra was part of the Lycian Federation but during the Byzantine times, its importance remained through association with the Bishop of St. Nicholas. The alleged jolly Santa Claus. It is assumed that the name of the town derived from myrrh and when St. Nicholas’ tomb was raided apparently there was a strong scent of myrrh emanating from it.

The Church of St. Nicholas also serves as a museum but around the area, you can view a well-preserved theatre and the regal rock-hewn tombs. While towards its port there are ruins of baths, churches, synagogues but also a small beach for you to relax or have a relaxed meal at any of the small restaurants by the seaside. On the southern section of the city, there is the great granary built by Hadrian around 139 AD.

Myra is small enough that the other sights of interest nearby are easily accessible, you should make your way to explore the Andriake Ancient City, St Nicholas Church and Simena Castle.