Mazi Vİllage
Mazi Vİllage

Tourists who are looking for peace and quiet place around the Bodrum, will delight at first steps they make to Mazi Village. There are many people who have not even heard of Mazi. Consequently, this is perhaps the main reason this place is preserved its own personality and extraordinary beauty. Although Mazi is an obvious example of untouched nature and perfect peace, it is nonetheless interesting for tourists from year to year and begins to attract more attention.

The specialty of Mazi Village is reflected in its beautiful beach, where all those who are even a little research minded can find outstanding examples of different colored stones of various shapes and sizes. These pebble sections will give you unlimited fun while enjoying the smooth motion of the sea from the open sea to the coast. The water is crystal clear and you will be able to see almost every stone and plant, until there is a sufficient depth where you are losing ground below.

However, if an urban atmosphere is more important for you than enjoying the natural resources, Mazi will not be particularly interesting experience. There are no fancy cafes, fashionable restaurants and full shops where you can screen trinkets and souvenirs all day long. If your primary residence during your holiday some other place, Mazi Village can be a fantastic choice for some Daily Boat Trip, and it is worth mentioning and attention. Residents of Mazi are extremely conscientious in making carpets and this is perhaps something that will occupy the most attention in this city. However, as this type of production is not enough for the survival of the village, tourism is nowadays placed in the first place as a basic prerequisite for a beautiful and bright future of this area.

Places in the region, which can be a real compliment to a daily excursion are inevitably Cokertme Bay, beautiful Karaada Black Island or Orak Island. Wherever you are heading out of the offered destinations, enjoyment will be an essential part of your trip.