Lycian Rock Tombs
Lycian Rock Tombs

Sometimes the art and creation of different forms which our ancestors were able to make, amaze us with their beauty and superiority. In the vicinity of Fethiye, there are Lycian Rock Tombs, fantastic works of those who, after the loss of their loved ones constructed to honour.

Lycian Tombs are remarkable as they are mostly located in the centre of the city. They are not accommodated in the periphery, but in the centre, to testify for the centuries of past times. Thanks to this, the current generation can proudly enjoy what remains of the former civilization. Funerary monuments are lined up next to each other and there is more than a thousand of them in the whole Turkey for proof of legacy for men to admire. They are sometimes a common form carved into a limestone wall that is the eternal home to those who are buried there. If not in the rocks, then they are in the most beautiful places in the central parts of the city and again impress you with their brilliance.

Although the tombs are witnesses of sad events and death, the Lycian people did not look upon them as a place which means sadness, they considered them as a new beginning. When Lycian tombs for some reason were not accommodated in the centre of the town, they were appointed to look towards the sea, along the coast, mostly in the rocks. It was believed that the winged sirens will come to release the souls of dead people if they are placed in lovely areas. Tourists who come to Fethiye definitely need to see this scene because it will stay in their memory for a long time.

Fethiye is a very dynamic area and there are many places that can give satisfaction. An ancient city Telmessos has been just one of them. In addition, a good choice for an afternoon walk can be Fethiye Castle or a visit to Paspatur which is actually the old town of Fethiye.