Kargicik Buku
Kargicik Buku

Kargicak Buku is an ideal place in the Bodrum area for some rest and relaxation. This small bay is the perfection of untouched nature. Green area, which extends along the edges of the entire village, nicely completes this place that looks like a magical oasis. It is located between the villages Pabuc Burnu and Kara Burun.

What Kargicik Buku makes different from other coastal towns is the fact the place is not much haunted and once you reach its sandy beaches you might have the feeling like you belong here. Mountains and hills which surround the village make you feel tucked and secure. The winds that sometimes blow break away from them, so the sea is calm and flat as glass. The water is clean and airy, so you can see how the depth becomes bigger with every step you take and how the colour of water changes. Entering the water is a pleasant experience because the bottom has fine sand, only with some grass that is here to find a shelter from the choppy seas.

Residents of the village are friendly and many of them are fishermen. If you like fresh fish, you can buy it on boats after the catch. There are many small boats in the bay that are seeking shelter because here they are in the safest place from the restless sea currents. The port is not big and can accommodate only around ten boats. Those who do manage to find a seat can count on the help of cooperative, but they will have to pay electricity bills and water.

If Kargicak Buku looks attractive to choose it for a vacation, definitely is worth to visit some other places nearby to cut the long, sunny days. One of them is Kissebuku. Besides this place, you may be interested visiting Guvercinlik or Yaliciftlik.