Kargi Cove
Kargi Cove

If you are looking for some nice spot for a fantastic rest near Bodrum, Kargi Cove is an ideal choice. This place is located within the cove, which is north of Baglar Point.

Kargi Cove is a small city and as such has preserved all its beauty and splendor. Many tourists who are staying in Bodrum like visiting this place to relax and relieve. Daily Boat Tours are a fantastic opportunity to reach Kargi. If you look from the boat in the distance before landing on the coast, you will see the green expanse that stretches around the perimeter of the village and surrounds it as a protective rampart. Just below the green belt small village with beautiful houses continue to fill the picture up to the Turkish coast, which leads to the gorgeous blue of the sea expanse.

Visitors of Kargi worship to enjoy the beach thanks to the fine sand and beautiful clear water. For all swimmers Kargi Cove represents a small paradise. Here they can set off into calm waters to enjoy a swim without fear. If swimming is not interesting enough for your entertainment, camels can grab your attention, as you can see them along the coast. You can ride one and get unforgettable experience. 

Beautiful moments one can experience at some other places too. It is a nice solution to visit Kadikalesi, Bitez or Akyarlar. Whichever of these places you choose, you will have the opportunity to enjoy and spend a really fantastic time.