Kalenderhane Mosque
Kalenderhane Mosque

Many years ago Istanbul was the capital of Turkey. At that time it was called Constantinople, and among the walls of its palaces, many successful and less successful sultans and their sons, many Turkish Sultanas and so called “Hatuns” who belonged to the harem lived here happily. That is why the Istanbul mosques so rich and beautiful constructions.

One of the most famous mosques was built by converting a former Eastern Orthodox Church by the Ottoman Empire, and its name is Kalenderhane Mosque. This name has always been like that, because it has always been known as The House of the Kalender, because of the sect of Dervishes who lived here.

Kalenderhane mosque was opened to the public in 1968 after reconstruction. According to the original plan of the Orthodox Church construction it was in the style of a cross and the dome, while the sanctuary was set on the eastern side. Pedant dome remained even after the corrections made during the changes. After reconstruction there was a minaret added to the southwest side, on the corner of the church. Brick and stone are the main materials that were used for the walls, while decoration was with marble pieces and embossed motifs. The mosque has some motives that still resemble its role throughout history and its Christian past. However, today this building is one of the most prominent mosques in Istanbul and represents an outstanding example, among mosques which many tourists like to visit. 

Each mosque is special in its own way and is a masterpiece of highly qualified craftsmen who have invested a lot of effort during the construction. One of them is Ortakoy Mosque, which attracts with its beauty. There is also the Rustem Pasha Mosque, named after famous Pasha from the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. In addition to the aforementioned mosques, one more mosque, which certainly deserves your attention is a fantastic Sultan Ahmet Mosque, and one must take some time for the tour.