Kaklik Cave
Kaklik Cave

One of the lesser-known places in Denizli is a cave which, according to its structure very much reminiscent of Pamukkale. This is Kaklik Cave, a place that many call Underground Pamukkale. It is about 30 kilometres far from Denizli, while there is even 45 km distance between the cave and Pamukkale. However, a similar structure that resembles a staircase, makes these two places similar, so the feeling will be close to Pamukkale visit once you visit the cave. Those who have already visited limestone outdoors, the memories will become very intense.

Kaklik Cave is smaller and is a cave city that emerged after the collapse of its roof. After the roof swooped, the entrance to the cave full of sulfur was ready for the visitors. Its total length is 190 meters and the deepest point is 14 meters below the surface of the earth. This cave is old more than 2.5 million years. It was formed during the Pliocene Period. For tourists, it has been opened since 2002 and slowly began to gain in importance as a very interesting tourist attraction.

Sulfur, which is an integral part of water passing through the cave, makes its deposits to have a white colour, which is typical of limestone areas. Sodium bicarbonate in combination with sulfur seems that this cave has a characteristic odour, so many calls this place a Smelling Bath, while in Turkey there is another title - Kokarhamam Pinar. Although the cave has a smell of rotten eggs, this does not repel tourists who come to visit this place. As this is very interesting, yet not so much visited destinations, all visitors are thrilled with this limestone formation and happy to spend time inside the cave during the tour.

Nearby there are still many interesting areas that are a real attraction for tourists. Some of them are Weeping Rock Waterfall, Guney Waterfall and Saraykoy Spa. Visits any of them will make you feel different and special, and your vacation will get a completely different dimension.