Kadikalesi is a city located near Bodrum. It belongs to the Bodrum Peninsula, and is at 23 km from the city center. This small village is a different kind of resort, an area that has not succumbed to the changes that are happening in places where tourism starts to develop.

Kadikalesi way of life is completely different from life in other places. Most of the coastal towns adapted to the needs of tourists and have become more flexible and different. On the other hand, Kadikalesi remained the same. One still can feel the breath of the past and tradition in this area. People lived in the way like many years ago, and that is exactly what can attract you to spend your free time right here.

The first thing you'll notice upon arrival at this place is the rich nature. Citrus fruit is at every step, while the hills with fantastic vegetation create a protective bulwark against the strong winds. Kadikalesi is the right place for all refuges of modern life.

Many Turkish cities got their names after something significant or specific from their past. Thus, the Kadikalesi was named after the fortress from the Ottoman Empire and in a simple translation its name means The Judge's Fortress. Visitors enjoy the benefits of clean sea on the fine sand along the narrow coast. Wooden swimming dock is the most interesting part of the beach for those who spend time here. Besides enjoying the beach, there are several bars and restaurants that will help you relax in this small town.

Although Kadikalesi is a nice place, it is near Turgutreis and so this can be your next destination for a day trip. Gumusluk and Akyarlar are also an excellent choice for lovers of natural beauty.