The right place for a vacation, close to Bodrum, can be Guvercinlik. It is only 22 km from the city center and is a perfect refuge for those who want to be alone and away from urban areas and large crowds.

This is a fishing village, so in the bay one will be able to see fishing boats and many fishermen who enjoy what they do. Beside the classic fishing, people here are engaged in raising fish along the coast and is possible to see a multitude of fish farms. A common type of fish on those farms is sea bass. Despite being on the coast with many fish farms, tourists will still be able to enjoy the clean water and the deep blue of the calm sea.

Guvercinlik is an interesting place because of the form of its beach, which is a closed sea. Thanks to this, the tourists who come here have the impression they spend time on the lake full of salty sea water. The history of this town is more a legend than the fact. People talk about how the island Salih, which one can see from all sides of the bay, is in fact an ancient city Karyanda. Yet, there is no physical evidence and no ruins which can witness this story. This is why the story will always be only one beautiful legend.

It is a wonderful feeling to spend time in Guvercinlik. What contributes to that is its rich and beautiful, almost untouched nature. Olive trees surround this small town on all sides, while in the higher regions one may find the magic pine trees. For the visitors it may be relevant to spend part of their time on some other nearby places. Anyone who decides to leave this place may go  to the nearby susceptible Mazi Village. Furthermore, a good choice for a day trip can be Golturkbuku and Gundogan.