Although Gundogan is about 25 km away from Bodrum, this place is one of the favorites in the last few years. There are many Turks who made their holiday houses here by the sea, and at the same time kept the environment and natural beauty of this interesting city. People staying in this tourist spot will notice that Gundogan is not a small place, but rather a big city where people can enjoy the view of the beautiful villas that are drowning in a perfect nature.

Furthermore, Gundogan is not just a place with a dynamic life by the sea, but also an area where one can enjoy fishing because this place is just in that familiar. The beaches are sandy, while the water is bright, clean and transparent. Here people keep marketplace where tourists can find various handicrafts, ornaments and souvenirs, but also many other beautiful things.

On the coast there are many restaurants with Turkish national cuisine and specialties from the sea. Visitors can enjoy in pleasant evenings thanks to delicious food and friendly locals. The place is quiet and calm, regardless the fact it is not small. It is surrounded by mountains, which create a natural protection from the wind and a sense of tranquility.

Gundogan has a rich history and has not always belonged to the Turks. Through this place many powerful empires passed through and various civilizations enjoyed in its beauties. The ancient Romans, powerful Persians, but also members of the Ottoman Empire left their mark on this place. Long time ago it was called Farilya, until 1961 when it got a new name which fits better. Gundogan in translation means the Sunrise, which just shows how people now and then have enjoyed the early evenings, when the sun left the firmament.

There are many beautiful places that surround Gundogan. You do not have to visit them all. Yet, if you have the opportunity it is certainly worth visiting at least some of them. The right choice can be Turgutreis, Gumusluk or Yalikavak, although there are still many beautiful and attractive places where one can enjoy.