Gumusluk is a place near Bodrum, ideal for a holiday and enjoying the family atmosphere. This small place is a favorite for fishermen and people who know how to enjoy the magical blue color of the sea all day.

Gumusluk is not the place that will suit those accustomed to have a turbulent and fast life, but it will certainly please anyone eager to rest and get some peace and quiet nights. Silvery reflection on the sea in some parts of the day is probably the main reason this place got its name. The narrow and sandy beach is an ideal place where you can get closer to the nature and feel the gentle sea breeze caresses you in the evening.

Residents of Gumusluk can tell you about the legend of the ancient city Myndus which once stood on this ground and sunk after an earthquake. Its walls disappeared beneath the sea and the remains even today can be glimpsed beneath the deep blue water. They say that the walls of an ancient city separate the beach from the port. Small port nearby is the true oasis where you can find fishing boats, valuable yachts and tourist boats that draws people to illustrate the beauty of the Turkish Coast. This charming and romantic place is perfect for long walks and sitting by the sea. Thanks to the many restaurants along the coast, everyone can enjoy the beautiful view of the fantastic nature. The smell of the sea and food interfere and create an irresistible temptation.

Although Gumusluk is a small and quiet place, that doesn’t mean your holiday will be boring if you decide to spend it here. One can always interrupt the enjoyment and leisure with a trip to another place nearby. One choice may be a trip to Yalikavak. For those who want to see more of the surrounding beauty, the right choice can be Turgutreis, but also Gundogan. Each of these places will bring you refreshment and a different atmosphere during your stay in Mugla district.