Gokceada Island
Gokceada Island

The real pearl of the Aegean Sea, near the Canakkale, is Gokceada Island. This island is the largest island in Turkey, while the city Gokceada is the most populated part. Its total area is 289 square km and has a bit less than ten thousand inhabitants.

When you arrive in Gokceada, you will not be overly impressed. But, as you explore the surrounding area, you will realize that this is a different corner where one will be able to see natural beauty differently than in surrounding areas. At one end of the island, in the cove, a type of pink colour oleander is growing. Bushes are in rows, and one after the other is creating a visual impression of a long Oleander River. This is a really special site that fascinates. In addition to the pink river consisting of shrubs, it is possible to see flocks of pink flamingos. This is indeed a rare type of birds and they carefully choose habitats. During the summer they are here to make this city be picturesque and playful.

Here you can see many hidden coves, but also enjoy the historical sites. In addition to the capital, on the island, there are several small villages. The most famous of all is Derekoy Village where you can enjoy beside a beautiful waterfall. The most interesting place on this island is probably Yildizkoy Bay, which was declared a National Park by Turkey's Marine Foundation. Salt Lake is one of the places that tourists worship because there is a healing mug people rubbed on the body and temporarily become black, while the therapeutic compound positive effect on their bones and health.

When you return from the island on the solid land, it's time to set sail to new adventures and visit the  Ancient City of Troy. After touring this significant historical place, you can mitigate the heat of the sun and again go to the island, but this time it could be Bozcaada. Finally, the recommendation maybe a tour of Ayvacik and enjoyment in everything that the residents of this village can show tourists.