About Gallipoli – Gelibolu Peninsula
Just across the water from Canakkale, lies the Gallipoli- Gelibolu Peninsula. A commemorative site for the Allied and Turkish forces who fought fiercely in the WWI battle of Gallipoli. This small landmass was the site of extensive First World War battlefields. Memorials of this period in history can be seen on the north bank of the Dardanelles Strait. The grim military past that exists in this area should not be the only reason why you would visit. Asides from the vast series of memorials and cemeteries - the peninsula has a gorgeous natural scenery and beach.

Things to do in Gallipoli – Gelibolu Peninsula
The entire peninsula is now a sacred place that many come to visit. Throughout the year, many visitors come back to take a walk back in time. Perhaps to get a better understanding of what the men were fighting for. It is a hard to imagine that bleak period in time. When the present beauty is a picture of rolling hills, pine forests and alive with wild birds. The flat land is now mostly used for farming but whenever the land is ploughed, war remnants are unearthed. Remnants such as shrapnel fragments, rusted metal, exploded mines and human bones are some of the objects that resurface. One can walk through the old war trenches and get an insight of how close these war soldiers were fighting one another.You will find no shortage of monuments from Australians, New Zealanders, Turkish spread across the once battlefield. It is no wonder why Gallipoli holds a special place for local Turks and for foreign countries. At the museum of war artefacts, one can view all of the war remnants that were found across the peninsula.

There are also graveyards to visit the fallen soldiers and read poetic inscriptions about them. Most of these open-air sites have no admission fees or fixed opening hours. Try to allow plenty of time to be able to visit the major points such as Cape Helles or the Ataturk Statue. For those wanting to look more into the wild nature aspect of this area, pay a visit to the Gelibolu Milli Park. There you can find great displays about the natural history of the peninsula. Towards the southwest of the peninsula lies the small town Eceabat. There is a decent selection of restaurants there and visit the ancient fortress of Kilitbahir.Do not forget to take in the natural beauty. Stand on the beach where once ANZACS landed or take a quick dip in the Aegean Sea.

How to get to Gallipoli – Gelibolu Peninsula
From Istanbul it is possible to drive to Gallipoli – Gelibolu Peninsula and you will get to even pass the Eastern Thrace and follow the coastline. By sea, one can take a ferry from Canakkale to Eceabat or Kilitbahir. At Canakkale if the military mood is still lingering you can pay a visit to Canakkale Military Museum. While the ferry service can also take to the reputed site of Ancient Troy or Bozcaada.