Fethiye Castle
Fethiye Castle

Although Fethiye is a town which is really special and very beautiful, its environment is something you can also enjoy. It is not necessary to go too far, you need only to follow the signs along the road leading to the hill where the Fethiye Castle is and you will already be in a different place.

The Castle is located up on the hill and built on the site where once stood the town itself. Over time, the city expanded and descended to the base, while Fethiye castle remained alone in its beauty and grandeur. It was originally built in the 11th century and during the 15th century, the Knights of Rhodes again rebuilt and renovated the ruins. During this period the castle was used as a naval base.

Once you climb up the hill to the walls, you will see that not much is left of the castle, but you will not be disappointed. Besides, you will be able to look around the ruins and enjoy the view of the whole city that stretches in front of you. Just nearby is the Roman Theatre, very close to the city centre, and is exactly opposite the commercial harbour. Before the construction of the Roman theatre, in the same place, there was a theatre that was built in the Greek style. Excavation is ongoing.

When you get tired of observing this amazing landscape from the top of the hill and finish enjoying the last rays of the sun, you can visit some other places. Extremely beautiful destinations that you can visit in the immediate vicinity of the Fethiye are Telmessos, Lycian Rock Tombs or old town Paspatur.