Erendag Ski Centre
Erendag Ski Centre

Enjoying during the summer in Turkey is guaranteed in almost all coastal areas, but also in the surrounding areas that are rich with waterfalls, historical values and cultural heritage. If you want to enjoy in Turkey during the winter, one of the fantastic destinations, which is near Fethiye is an Eren Dag mountain, where an Eren Dag Ski Centre might be the destination for those who like snow.

The Eren Dag is a relatively small ski centre, which is located near Seki. Getting to this winter resort takes only a little more than an hour drive from Fethiye. Tourists who want to be sure to spend their holidays in Turkey, no matter what the time of year is at a specific moment, can now enjoy the skiing every time when there is enough snow. Here the winter magic starts and shows you its real and sweet side. The sun gently warms all skiers on the mountain and cares their faces with its gentle rays. Those who like to enjoy the sport here can do that endlessly.

Even those who do not know how to ski will have a chance to put on skis for the first time and try one of the milder slopes. However, if that is not your priority, you can be sure that one can spend time walking and enjoying the fresh air. The view from the mountain is fantastic, and the winter idyll makes the extraordinary atmosphere of new acquaintances and endless enjoyment of socializing with friends.

Those who want to see some other beauties in this area can visit Saklikent Gorge, spend very beautiful moments in Yaka Park or visit the ancient city of Tlos. Each of these places is a story for itself and has invaluable meaning for those who know how to enjoy.