Cnidus or Knidos was once one of the most prosperous cities of antiquity. It was also at one point part of an ancient Greek Settlement. You can easily reach this once affluent city from Bodrum by making your way towards the Gulf of Gokova. The cities affluence can be attributed to its strategic location, which is close to the main shipping lanes of the Mediterranean. What also brought fame to this place was the cult statue of Aphrodite by Praxiteles. It is the first large-scale freestanding nude woman statue; it adorned the new city from its earliest days. There are not many remains of this city to be seen, but it is possible to sail past the site to imagine its old glory. The city was partially built on the mainland and on a nearby island. There is an old causeway that used to be the connecting bridge but now a sandy channel connects these two parts. This point is also considered to be where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea meet.

Most people will stick around Cnidus for a dinner or a lunch before heading back on their yachts and sail off to either Bozburun, Selimye or Serce Bay.