Ciragan Palace
Ciragan Palace

The beautiful Ciragan Palace form Istanbul is located on the Bosporus. This jewel on the Black Sea coast is one of the most beautiful buildings that one can see in Istanbul, and its position is between Besiktas and Ortakoy area.

This magnificent palace is the work of architects Nigogayos Balyan, who designed the entire space and designed its outer appearance. For the building of Ciragan Palace his sons Sarkis and Hagop Balyan were in charge, as they were also successful architects who followed the path of his father and learned from him this specific job. The palace was a wish of Sultan Abdulaziz, who wanted to have a palace for his lifetime. The palace dates from the 19th century.

While he was waiting to move into the palace, which was his endowment, for a long time, Sultan Abdulaziz had a chance to enjoy just for a short time. After he moved into the palace, his life was soon unfortunate finished and he has been found dead. After that, many sultans used the palace as their own and as a place from which they ruled the great Ottoman Empire. In 1910 Cirigan Palace caught fire and caused huge damage, so for many years the palace was ruined and unusable. In 1989 the Japanese Corporation bought this site that was in very bad condition and turned it into a modern hotel complex. The Ciragan Palace is now one of the most expensive hotels and belongs to the popular Kempinski chain. In 2007, the building executed another renovation, so now the Sultan's apartment is on the list of Top 20 most expensive apartments in the world.

Those who find that observing this hotel or staying in it is not very attractive, definitely can enjoy visiting other attractions, such as the Kucuksu Palace or Yildiz Palace, which is connected with the Ciragan Palace with marble bridge. At the end, one can certainly visit the Topkapi Palace and enjoy its beauty.