Lying just west of Antalya, in the district of Elmali is the Ciglikara Nature Reserve. It is a reserve filled with juniper poplar trees, silver birch and cedar trees. The land in the area is actually the perfect habitat for all of these trees, housing over 30 different species of trees. Some of the trees in the reserve are more than 1,000 years old, with the oldest one being Koca Katran a cedar aged 2,000 years old with a diameter of 2.8 meters and standing as high as 25 meters.

The reserve is over 16,000 hectares and is also the natural habitat for wild boars, badgers, foxes, squirrels, hyenas, martens, jackals, bears and as well as many bird species. There are also fossils that have been found in the area that date back to the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic eras which might hint that at one point the area was once covered by the sea. It is a beautiful reserve to go trekking and immerse yourself in a beautiful environment. Take a moment to ponder the majesty of nature of these grand cedar trees that stand regally in Turkey.

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Goynuk Canyon.