Canakkale Military Museum
Canakkale Military Museum

For all the tourists who prefer visiting historical sites and museums, Canakkale is a fantastic place where there is even much more. Besides a rich historical value that can be seen all over the city, a very interesting place where the history has printed its pages is Canakkale Military Museum. After paying a small fee, you will be ready for sightseeing of attractions all day long.

The museum is open inside the fortress, a great place to visit showing everything that is left from the Turkish Wars in the past. Fatih Sultan Mehmet built the Fortress Cimenlik in 1462. Its main role was monitoring and control of the Dardanelles Strait, to control the ships that were passing by.
Inside this building is possible to see the complete sets of weapons they wore during their military ventures. It is available to see the military equipment used by the Turks during World War One. What is really special here are the folders and maps from the time of the Ottoman Empire, and these were compiled by Piri Reis, the famous Turkish sailor.

In this fortress, one can see the remains of weapons from the Battle of Gallipoli. The copy of Minelayer stands here as a replica of the original one which was used precisely in this field, and this one is placed in the open part of the museum.

Those who want to know more about the history of this area should investigate a bit longer and wider. It is not enough only to keep your thoughts on this area. The ideal solution is to go and visit Troy, which is an ancient city with a very rich history and an interesting story of the beautiful Helena, as the war started because of her. At your disposal in this magnificent city, there is the Canakkale Museum that will take you for a moment back to the past centuries. And when you want to feel the ghosts of the past that were actors in the battle of Gallipoli, go to this divine bay and explore everything that interests you.