Canakkale Clock Tower
Canakkale Clock Tower

What your eye first catches when you step into Canakkale is a beautiful building in the city centre. Canakkale Clock Tower is the main symbol and trademark of this city, where every street and every yard exudes beauty and historical value and rich tradition.

This site dates from 1897, but the time and external effects failed to diminish its beauty. Its cultural value is becoming increasingly diverse from year to year, and the importance is growing thanks to the many tourists who have talked about the beauty of the Canakkale Clock Tower over the world. The tower was built from Ayvalik stone that one can find only in local areas. Although the tower is the main symbol of Canakkale that is Turkish property, the most interesting is the fact that the tower is not built by the Turks. Canakkale Clock Tower built the Italian honorary Consul Emili Vitalis, who gave the part of wealth to locals and they made this magnificent building, which people still admire. Consul spent the last days of his life in Nice, but he left a part of his soul in the place where he spent a beautiful part of life.

The tower has five floors. The clock is on the fourth floor and is set on all four sides. On the fifth floor, there is a dome. At the bottom of the Canakkale Clock Tower, there is a public fountain. It was not part of the tower but was added later, in 1889. The Jewish rich man Halyo built this fountain and thus further enrich the appearance of this magnificent structure. During the day Canakkale Clock Tower looks fantastic, but its beauty is even more prominent in the evening when the lights turn on and the whole tower starts shining.

Visiting the tower is really a fantastic experience, but it will be nice to visit some other places, such as The Canakkale Museum. There is also Canakkale Military Museum where one can see military equipment from the past. One more place worth exploring is the Ancient City of Troy because this was the place for one of the most beautiful love stories.