Beylerbeyi Palace
Beylerbeyi Palace

The rich history of Istanbul and its incredible beauty make this city one of the favorite for many tourists. This is understandable when you consider the number of nations that have lived on its territory, particularly the powerful Ottoman Empire, which had left its mark everywhere, on many walls that one can see around.

During the reign of the Ottoman rulers, each area had its own governor and representative. At the foreheads of various provinces were Beyler bags, so this is how the ruler of Rumelia district, during the reign of Sultan Murad III, was Beylerbeyi Mehmet Pasha who built himself a Mansion. Thus began the history of the Beylerbeyi Palace development. It is on the Asian side of the city, only 5 minutes from Uskudar, next to the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.

Over time, the Mansion has been amended and enriched, space was expanded primarily thanks to the Sultan Mahmut II, who was responsible for the expansion of Marble Mansion and Yellow Mansion. The expansion and improvement of the palace were also carried out thanks to the Sultan Abdulaziz, who ordered from the architect Sarkis Balyan to renovate the building and put a summer- house in its place, where the Sultan occasionally spent his time. This small, but imposing building is an extremely luxurious, so tourists can enjoy during the tour. Beylerbeyi Palace is very beautiful, but its surroundings is something that will definitely delight you. Interesting statues are all around in the yard, while the space is enriched with flowers and different trees. Beylerbeyi Palace is definitely a place to visit during a tour of Istanbul because it attracts with its uniqueness. 

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