Bagla Bay
Bagla Bay

Bagla Bay is a real sandy oasis of outstanding natural beauty, located in the bay near Bodrum. If you look through all the beaches that stretch along the peninsula, Bagla has  the most beautiful beach you will be able to see in this area.

This little place is close to Bodrum, so it has an exceptional location where one can escape from the city noise and too many tourists. It is easy to get there, thanks to the frequent and rapid trucks, which Turkish people call Dolmus. They are all the time available, even late in the evenings. Those who have own transport may remain even for several days in the allotted areas for camping.

Every year Bagla Bay attracts more tourists because this place has grown and developed. The beach in Bagla itself is special. Those who prefer something more modern will be delighted by Complex named Magic Life. This place is the right choice for a vacation because it is quiet and peaceful. But, your daily rest on the beach will get an extra dimension of excitement and interest  each time this small bay accepts some small boat sailing in. There are many eager tourists coming here from the seaside during their daily boat trips. They are traveling around and finding beautiful coasts.

Your holiday in Bagla can become interesting if you decide to visit some other nearby places. A perfect choice for those who want to change the atmosphere can be a dynamic beach in Gumbet. Daily visits to Akyarlar or short trip to the peaceful and somehow a bit romantic Aspat is also a good idea.