One beautiful destination that belongs to the Canakkale Province, is Ayvacik. This is a small town that belongs to the Marmara region and is a place where you can find peace and solitude during your holidays. Ayvacik not very popular place that you will often see on the list of possible tourist arrangements. Still, it is worth to take a walk through this place with soul and look at all the beauty it possesses.

The altitude of Ayvacik is about 250 meters and this place has a pleasant climate. If we take into account the beautiful beach which stretches in a wide arc over the whole length of this city, it is inevitable that all those who come here will be able to enjoy the beautiful moments at sea, but also a fantastic sunset.

Although this is not the most famous place where one can spend a holiday, it is really special in some way. All the tourists who stop by here have the opportunity to follow the live production of the most beautiful woollen carpets, which valuable housewives compile by. Art is a trademark of Ayvacik, but everyone here gets a wish to get one carpet for themselves. If you can buy one, you can really transfer a part of the Turkish tradition in your home.

Of course, a tour through Ayvalik will be just one part of your valuable vacation. However, one should be ready for some other beautiful destinations. It is definitely worth visiting Troy, an ancient city that brings amazing stories and has historical value. Ezine is another incredibly attractive destination for those who enjoy the charms of the Turkish coast. In addition to those fantastic destinations, the right place for rest can be Gokceada Island, a true Garden of Eden and your temporary shelter.