Although Istanbul is full of surprises and there is much you can see, some sites are different from others and attract the attention of tourists with its uniqueness and beauty. One of these attractions is Aynalikavak Pavilion, located near Istanbul, more precisely in the Hasköy.

At the time of the great Ottoman Empire, the most beautiful and richest buildings in Turkey were built. Among them was a complex known as Aynalikavak Palace. Its second name was the Tersane Palace, and an Aynalikavak Pavilion has been just one part of this complex, and one of the few that is preserved for future generations. It was used as a summer garden and a place for relaxation and enjoyment, not only during the Ottoman time, but also during the Byzantine Empire.

The Pavilion has not always looked like today. Although it dates from the 17th century, according to tradition, it was built during the reign of Sultan Mehmet II. Furthermore, the historical data is not fully compliant, since it is not known whether Sultan Mehmet II built it, or that was actual Admiral Halil Pasha. What is interesting is the name Aynalikavak Pavilion is coming from the mirrors. Mirrors in the pavilion was a gift to the Sultan Ahmet III from Venice after the signing of the Treaty of Passarowitz. In the 19th century, Sultan Mahmut II has hired architect Kirkor Balyan to renovate the pavilion, which at that time had a name the Has Bahce. This extraordinary building is surrounded by nature, trees and flowers, so it is very pleasant to leave the city for a short time and enjoy such beauty.

Those who prefer to spend their time in such beautiful places will enjoy if beside this pavilion visit some other landmark. First among them can be Beylerbeyi Palace, the building that is still standing firm and defies time. It certainly can be Ciragan Palace, located on the Bosphorus, with a beautiful view of the sea. If you like pavilions and summer resorts and if that is something that attracts you more, the perfect place for a visit can be a Tiled Pavilion.