Af Kule Monastery
Af Kule Monastery

The district Fethiye hides many treasures of interest to tourists. Researchers will enjoy hidden areas where come only those who want to see more and more beautiful. Near Kayakoy, only ten minutes away, is an example of nature and human achievements made many years ago. This is Af Kule Monastery, located between Dalaman and Fethiye. This hidden gem is not so easy to reach, and one has to put up a lot of effort to pass over the paths were monks who once lived here previously walked.

Before venturing to this truly exotic travel, be sure that you're wearing comfortable shoes because you'll have to walk over the paths which sometimes are not perfect. Nature made them and shaped them according to its rules. Up to a certain point, one can drive, but there is a point where it is no longer possible to drive and you will have to go on foot to your desired destination.

The way to the Af Kule Monastery is not too strenuous, but can be scary for those who fear heights. As you climb up to the top, you will understand why is worthwhile to put the effort to reach this small monastery. Do not hope to see the magnificent tourist attraction at the end of the trip, furthermore, this monastery is nothing like that. It is proof that Turkey has many hidden places with the spirit of the Turkish past, without embellishment and interfering with nature. If you can overcome all tricky roads and resist the fear, and you can enjoy a tour of where the monks used to live.  A water reservoir with crystal clear water is also nearby, it murmurs and fills your heart with a sense of belonging to nature.

In addition to the monastery, there are many other places that will enchant you, and some of them are the Lucian Rock Tombs, Kayakoy itself or the Fethiye Castle. All you need to do is enjoy.