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Bodrum is a district and a port city located in the Southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It is very popular sailing holiday destination among locals and tourists alike, having one of the largest outdoor nightclubs in the world, with a capacity of 5000 people. Tracing its roots from the 7th century BC, when it was colonised by Dorian Greeks, Bodrum has been a quiet fishermen‘s village and divers sponge until the mid-20th century, when it was developed and rediscovered as an ideally location for sailing tourism and recreation. In ancient times Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus of Caria, and was famous for boasting one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Mausoleum of Mausolus which dates from the 15th century.

Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate; in winter the average temperature is 15 °C and in the summer – 34 °C. The diverse climate is the main reason of such a large diversity of plants and animals.

Bodrum, named “Saint Tropez of Turkey” by NY Times magazine, is home to a number of various attractions appealing to various tastes. The main highlights of Bodrum among others include the Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, Port Bodrum Yalikavak, Bardakci Cove, Zeki Muren Arts Museum.

Bodrum invites tourists to take a stroll through the palm-lined streets and admire the white-coloured small houses.

Bodrum Yacht Charter
Yacht charter, one of a number of ways to discover a picturesque Turkey and the Mediterranean with its honey-coloured beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, as well as charming villages and towns, is a top must-try attraction for those who are ardent for cruising.

Bodrum Yacht Charter, one of the most involving, amazing and unforgettable cruises, invites dear travellers to reveal the secrets of Turkey’s unspoiled islands, charming small villages and its imposing landscape with one of numerous yacht charters.

Yacht Charter cruises sailing along the Turquoise waters, boasting one of the most beautiful Turkey’s villages and islands, including Byzantine village, Cokertme Bay, Cleopatra Island, Longoz Bay, Karacasogut, Tuzla Bay and Kargili, will take you away from the hustle and bustle and jumble up your imagination with eye-catching views at every turn.

A charter allows curious travellers to discover the sandy and pebble beaches, ancient forts and romantic ruins, small fishing villages, and picturesque towns lying close off the coast. It also offers to taste a freshly landed fish, served by local intimate restaurants.

There’s so much more to enjoy aboard the sailing yacht charter. Bodrum yacht charter cruise stops for short and long breaks. A glass of wine and dinner under the clear skies are also offered. You are also free of charge to admire the shining stars, charming views from a yacht, and to feel the breeze of sea and the heat of sun.
Bodrum is a popular yachting holiday destination and a yacht charter from Bodrum is perfect for people with different tastes: from couples to big families dreaming of escaping the hustle in quiet and unspoilt coves, beaches and bays.

Yacht holidays from Bodrum and around unveil the beauty of beaches, fishing villages, vibrant towns, and nature. Book your yacht charter from Bodrum and enjoy this truly amazing yachting cruise.

Bodrum Harbour
Bodrum Harbour

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