Turkey’s Best Yacht Charter Routes

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country offers various spectacular natural tourist attractions. One of the best appeals of Turkey is the direct connection with the Dardanelles and the Sea of Marmara. The two waterways form a water link between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The location of both sea and land makes the climate in the country exceptional for great vacationing. Generally, Turkey’s summer climate is hot and dry with high temperatures in the south. Combining all the above factors, this country offers you a great opportunity to explore the world by sea. With unique seas and waterways, you can travel on Turkey’s best yacht charter routes for a memorable life experience.

When deciding on your Turkey gulet cruise, it can be daunting choosing the perfect route for you and your travelling companions. There are many different itineraries to choose from catering for all types of travel tastes. In addition, dependent on the yacht or gulet you choose for your party also can be a deciding factor of the charter route you will embark on.

When choosing Turkey’s best yacht charter routes, it is important to consider the following factors:


  • The gulet that is ideal for your group size and within your budget. Gulets all have base ports and this plays a major part in what charter routes are available to that base port and gulet
  • Duration and length of your cruise. Private charter lengths range from 1 day, up to 2 weeks. We can cater for all holiday periods however many gulets are limited to do a minimum of a one week cruise and will not be available for shorter charter routes
  • Activities on board. Does your party want to relax and hideaway in private bays or do you have an adventurous group that want to fill their holiday with as much action and activities that we can muster? Our charter routes vary in time relaxing and adventure activities. Speak to our lovely team and they will help to choose an itinerary that is suitable for your group.


The most popular pre-organised charter routes include The Fethiye Kekova routes and Fethiye to Marmaris. Gulet cruises to Greece are also very popular. However, if we do not have an itinerary that fits your group, we can tailor a program totally for your group.

Contact us to plan your private gulet charter at info@alaturkayachting.com – our knowledgeable and friendly staff can walk you step by step through the booking private charter process.

One of the best cruising routes - Fethiye to Marmaris
One of the best cruising routes – Fethiye to Marmaris

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